Data Management & Recovery Policy

Orana Strata Services is committed to provide seamless services to its customer and employees. Information Technology (IT) forms the backbone of the core business operations and Orana Strata Services realises that having a contingency plan in the event of a disaster gives Orana Strata Services a competitive advantage.


Disasters are not limited to adverse weather conditions. Any event that could likely cause an extended delay of service is considered a disaster event for the business.


Statement of Policy

Orana Strata Services needs to collect and use information about people with whom it works, in order to operate and carry out its functions. These may include members of the public, current, past and prospective employees, clients and suppliers. This information can be shared with third parties for compliance regulations, as needed. The data is collected, recorded and stored in numerous IT applications.

Orana Strata Services has implemented a backup policy to ensure that critical IT applications hosting sensitive information are regularly backed up. These backups are hosted locally at Orana Strata Services data centre and are also replicated to a secured offsite location, within Australia.

The below points outline the data management and recovery policy:

Critical servers and business applications are backed-up each day to local storage at the Orana Strata Services data centre for three months

All backups are encrypted.

Backups are uploaded to an off-site location (within Australia) daily. In the event of a disaster:

In the event of a disaster:

In the case that the local backup at the Orana Strata Services data centre is lost (through the event of fire, etc.):

  1. Servers will be created virtually in the cloud from the latest off-site backup (previous business day).
  2. The IT services provider will purchase new equipment and rebuild the server environment and restore from the last backup (previous business day).
  3. The cloud servers will be decommissioned once new servers are built and operating.

In the case that a local server crashes at the Orana Strata Services data centre, backups of the relevant server will be restored from the local storage (from the most recent backup taken throughout the business day) and the server repaired or replaced.

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